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»intensa®« [3 шага - AquaSilk решения проблем]

The »intensa« care series encompasses intensive products, suitable either for all skin types, or to address particular beauty issues or special skin situations for occasional application. The application spectrum addresses individual skin deficiencies, effectively supporting the natural beauty of the skin and its youthful radiance.

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Active beauty treatment ......
at DR.BELTER® COSMETIC this means taking an individual approach to the special needs of the skin with the help of special preparations, highly concentrated effective substances, activation of the epidermis, adding natural effective substance compounds or exquisite oils and fats to the products.

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Premium, delicately melting massage balm. All natural formula with squalene from olives, organic baobab and almond oil, jojoba oil, sheabutter, sunflower wax and carrot extract. Hydrophilic and free of mineral and silicone oils.

colour balm 15 / Nº0, Nº1, Nº2 [MULTIBENEFIT CB]

is a multifunctional colour balm with natural moisturizing factors, precious biological lipids and selected anti-aging actives, such as alpinia galanga, baobab-hibiscus-complex and hyaluronic acid. It offers advanced protective properties using vitamins, shielding pigments and the patented Ectoin® cell protection. Natural skin tone optimizing pigments correct the appearance of imperfections to develop even, radiant skin in only one simple step.

For professional use only ! [CAMOMILE MASSAGE CREAM]

  1. Special cream for face and body massage, suitable for all skin types. Fresh, pleasant camomile blossom aroma. Emollient effect of camomile extracts (no azulenes).


A grease-free gel, containing small grains, that is distributed easily in order to gently and carefully remove minor hard skin particles from the top layer of skin. It cleanses and revitalises the complexion and prepares the skin for maximum absorption of the subsequent care products. This peeling is highly recommendable prior to the application of  »sun«  Self-Tanning Balm. This peeling product should not be applied to skin suffering from inflamed acne or vessel damage - teleangiectasia.

For professional use only ! [ENZYME PEELING POWDER]

Peeling without abrasive particles. Salon size: 250g jar. Suitable for all skin types. Proteolytic by enzymes, deep cleansing, dissolves epidermal horn cells enzymatically, promotes skin renewal, detoxifying.


This wonderful lip balsam ensures beautiful, soft lips at any time of the year. Cracked and dry lips are prevented long-term with jojoba oil, beeswax and oils identical to those produced by birds. A light protection filter protects against harmful rays. Also suitable for children.


An enriched special emulsion for intensive treatment of the neck and décolleté for day and night use - an unusual texture that is absorbed immediately. Mature, demanding skin particularly appreciates the vitalising and invigorating effect of this often neglected part of the body, in the application of this repair complex with konjac mannane, yeast and rosemary extract and a stimulating plant complex. »intensa« Neck and Décolleté Cream is a worthwhile addition to high quality skin care.


A crystal clear gel, free of grease, suitable as a moisturiser for all skin types. Applied under the respective care cream it conveys moisture to the deeper layers of skin, improves and retains elasticity and cell turgor through the highly dosed natural moisture factor (NMF).


This pure white, gently fragranced emulsion leaves hands silky soft. It is economical to use, quickly absorbed and forms an invisible protective shield. The product should be applied one per week as a mask for dry and chapped hands - a thick layer is simply allowed to soak into the skin for about 10 minutes. »intensa« Hand Cream also contains an anti-tyrosinase ingredient to prevent skin pigmentation.


If skin responds to stimulating care products with light irritation, demonstrating incompatibility, but is nevertheless in need of special care, then »intensa« Basic Cream is a welcome and extremely gentle care product for day (O/W) and night care (W/O). Silky smooth with precious oils to protect and care for the skin. This product is specially composed without colour, fragrance and stimulating substances.


A special care cream for all skin types with a tendency to vessel instability, slight irritation and redness. Pale green, slightly pasty, with light protection properties and a concealing effect, this product calms and strengthens this type of skin and forms an effective shield against negative environmental influences with tormentil and liquorice extract, panthenol, aloe vera, bisabolol, vitamin E and a light protection pigment. »intensa« Cream Couperosis is applied sparingly under normal beauty care. It can also be used as a particularly calming mask.

For professional use only ! [SENSITIVE CRISTAL GEL]

It is recommended as moisturiser respectively for stimulating the ingredients of »intensa« NATIVE-bio-MATRIX and »intensa« SOLID-bio-MATRIX. Suitable for all skin types and skin conditions. The consistency of the gel provides long-lasting smoothness during this fat free massage.


Rich, yellow, semi liquid fluid for care of nail and nail surrounding. 9 ml glass bottle with applicator brush. Prevents tearing of nail fringe, keeps nail surrounding supple and elastic, caring and soothing. Does not drip or flow away.


Cuticle softening and solving gel. 9 ml glass bottle with applicator brush. Solves cuticle and horny substance. Does not drip or flow away.

masks   ampoules   intensa med

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»intensa« mask, med and ampoule programme,

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